About Me

I spent my childhood in Comal, a small town in Mid-Java Province, Indonesia. I got lucky because my mom taught me to speed-read since the age of 4. Her method was very unique; to read what written in the side of the trucks, while they were speeding. It’s successfully made me became who I am, a bookworm who love to read anything interesting.

By the age of 15, I moved apart from my parents when I entered high school in SMU 6 Yogyakarta, a city 6 hrs drive from my hometown. 3 years later I continued my college also in the same city, in Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, majoring in Computer Science.

My dad passed away while I’m in high school, which made me –like it or not — had to be financially independent. I worked in an internet café in my 2nd year of college for my living, and oh yeah- free connection. Shortly afterwhile, my journey as an entrepreneur marked it’s start line.

The first business I had was a website developer, since my background was programming. Then I built a online retail store for handicraft for international market. Just like other entrepreneur, I tried some more businesses, too. Some worked out, some failed.

After a while, another passion followed over. It was Food. Yes, I fell in love with food. Different kind of foods, from different places. In fact, I love to eat more than I love to code.

Then came Blatz. The concept was coffee shop/lounge, where people can mingle and connected to the internet. It was 2004, and Blatz became the first coffee shop in Yogyakarta (or probably Indonesia) that offered free wifi. Most of laptops in that time didn’t have wi-fi card installed built-in, so we lent usb-wifi sticks for free.

Blatz lasted for 2 years, and I continued to build something more vibrant, closer to the market, with lots of different kind of food. FoodFezt came over in 2007, and it was hectic, even until now. We serve 500 people each day in this new restaurant. That means 15,000 people every month, and that number is still solid until now.

It’s always the passion that won. I crave for food and new technology. Therefore, since the first year while most restaurant was still using pen and paper, FoodFezt use PDAs to capture their customers order and wirelessly split and sent the data to different kitchens. We have 11 kitchens serving 100+ different foods. Few years ago we upgraded to iPods and iPads, though.

Fast Forward to now (2014).

As the restaurant business is growing, I founded a holding company, officialy named as PT Fajar Montana Internasional, or known as Fajar Montana Group (FMG). It holds several restaurant brands and the newest line is an online food delivery portal, MakanDiantar.com

By now, I live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and my daily life consists of (mostly) working in the strategic part of the company; while sometimes down into details –because I need to.

I love traveling to other countries, biking, swimming, diving, snowboarding, skateboarding. And what I regret most from all those travels and hobbies and other experiences; is that I don’t write much about them to share here, in my blog 😦

*If you’d like to access to my boring fully updated profile of my works or portfolios, please consider to visit my LinkedIn page here > id.linkedin.com/in/fajarhandika


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