On Your First 5k Run

Few days before:
I can do it. I’ll run 5k

The day before:
Tomorrow I’ll go 5k. I’ll sleep early

I can’t sleep.


10 mins before:
(Tighten your shoes and start running app.)
I’ll do it.

(Start running)

500 meters:
Am I fast enough? It seems I’m going too slow.

Hosh. Hosh. Too fast. I should go slower.

Why am I doing this again? It’s not even halfway yet! Hosh. Hosh.

I want to stop. Juussst a little while. Or not. I promise myself I won’t.
(But the temptation to stop is so big..)
Just a little while?
(But I’m already more than halfway..)
F**k, I won’t do this anymore. Just f.

My feet hurt. My ankle hurt. I’m sweating like a pig. I must stop.


Only 1km more.

Okay, but I won’t do this anymore. No. No.

Hosh. Hosh. Hosh.
What was that? I can do it!
It was awesome! I’ll do it again tomorrow!


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